Shawn Whitefield

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So My sister Shania Whitefield is a complete nag! Just because I prefer to spend my time amid the less than creme de la creme she thinks I am somehow dishonoring my family. I say hey, the lessons I have learned hold me in great stead and keep my life interesting. My friends in the taverns may not be the most well to do, but they cerainly have a spark of life that none of her “friends” have. I think she is secretly jealous that Mom likes me better.

Dad says I have to go on this stupid quest to make sure that his prescious daughter makes it back all right. He has no concern what so ever for my well being. He actually ordered me to lay down my life if necessary. Well, ordered may be a strong word; strongly suggested may be more accurate. He never orders people to do things. That’s the base for his charm.

Good thing I was looking for a reason to leave the tower anyway. A life of leisure, on the road, having darring sword fights, Performing in taverns… that’s the life I want, and this may just be the way I will get it. All I have to do is babysit my sister and make sure she finds her magical doo-dad that will get het on to the council and that’s that. Hopefully we will find some dragons, or drow, or demons, or other things that will make fascinating stories along the way. She may be socially inept and highly annoying, but she is handy in a fight, and having her around while I make a name for myself will make things far less difficult.

Shawn Whitefield

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