Shania Whitefield

As a wizard of the Pale Tower I am beyond your pedestrian comprehension.


I am Shania Whitefield, first daughter of the house of Whitefield, Heir to the holy sphere of Iuon, Keeper of the sacred chalice of reeks, and Guardian of the third gate. I have been sent out from the Pale tower to complete my walkabout so that I may take my rightful place as heir to my father’s position, Master of the Pale Tower. One such as myself should have never been sent out like this, but the grand council has decreed that no one shall assume command of te tower without first bringing a powerful artifact to their position. to this end I shall have no contact with the Pale Tower or it’s inhabitants until my quest is complete. I shall have no support from any of their students. I am utterly alone.

Nothing I have experienced to date has prepared me for this complete isolation from those whom I consider to be the only people of any true consequence in this world. To make matters worse, my twin brother Shawn Whitefield has been assigned to be my bodyguard. As he has dropped out of the tower’s school, the council could not refuse my father’s mandate that he accompany me. His base manners and pedestrian intellect have kept him busy in the local taverns and inns, cavorting with the local whores no doubt. His lack of consciousness of his station frustrates me to no end. As mother’s favorite he was allowed to run amok in the tower, taking up sword play and dabbling in the less savory aspects of society. I expect that he did these things more to anger father than because he truly enjoys them. Still, if he can’t clean up his act he will never be given his proper respect as master of sciences of the Pale Tower.

Shortly before leaving the tower, there was a grand party for the two of us. At this party we were given the equipment and gifts that we would take with us on our journey. Alric, a wizard in charge of divinations and information in the tower gave us a prophesy. “and forte hope of Man a set is born to rival their father and bring about the salvation of the people through his downfall. And thus the father shall provide for his own downfall and one of his spawn shall be given his title to protect the last spark of life.” I am determined to make sure that this does not come to pass and that my brother does not kill our father. This is the only conclusion I can come to as there is no way I would ever choose to end the reign of my most powerful and magnanimous father. I am hoping that through this quest he can be diverted from his path and see the true goodness in our father.

Shania Whitefield

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