Stick In The Mud


We are formed

I am Shania Whitefield, mage of the Pale Tower and chronicler of the exploits of my band of adventurers. My brother Shawn is a dilettante and slacker of epic proportions. Luckily, as a bard, he pretty much guarantees us a welcome wherever we go. Caellaf, the elven beastmaster and his snake Sypa have joined us to provide both military support and help navigating the savage lands outside the city walls. He will be extremely valuable in keeping us from blundering into unknown dangers in the wilds as well as keeping my brother from bounding in to a fight he can’t win alone. A mysterious deva has joined us as well. His devotion to te gods is admirable, and as an invoker he will provide some much needed support to the party, but there is something about him I just can’t yet trust.



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